View videos showing how to care for and clean your cowhide

We hope our cowhide cleaning videos help you to look after your cowhide rug so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. If you have any questions please contact us and we will try to help you. Accidents can happen suddenly and it is great to know how to clean up a spill correctly without damaging your cowhide or animal skin further.

Intro to new cowhide cleaning product

Instructions - How to clean a cowhide

How to select a good quality cowhide

Cleaner demo with common food spills

How to vacuum a cowhide rug

OK I'm convinced! I need this cowhide cleaner now - show me how.

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Worldwide shipping

Our Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaning product ships from New Zealand. We do not have stockists anywhere else. The simplest way to see the shipping costs and options is to add our cowhide cleaner product to the shopping cart and select your country.

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Easy-to-use Cleaner

Gorgeous Creatures was the first company in the world to work out how to care for a cowhide rugs. Now we have a cleaning product specifically designed for cow hair on hide cleaning. Try it and see the difference.

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Gorgeous Creatures

Gorgeous Creatures has been around for over 14 years. We specialize in animal skin products and home decor made from natural fibres like mohair, alpaca and NZ possum fur.

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