These are some of the most common questions we have been asked about the Gorgeous Creatures Cowhide Cleaner. If your question is not answered here please contact us and we will do our best to answer. We will continue to update these FAQ’s.

Why can't I simply use a common household cleaner on my rug?

Most cleaners are designed for a specific use. It is not a good idea to use common household cleaners on cowhide rugs as these are way too harsh. They often contain chlorine or bleach and other nasty chemicals. They are generally not non-ionic which is very important. This is highly likely to damage the leather or the hair. Common detergents or shampoos are also not safe for the leather. Leather needs a very special type of cleaner. If you use the wrong kind of cleaner you can experience hair dis-coloration and the leather can go hard, stiff and dry or even pucker unevenly.

How do I know the cowhide cleaner will work?

Each situation is unique, we have tested our cleaner on lots of common issues and it works well,  but it is not a stain remover. Watch our videos to see the cleaner in action.

Can you spot clean a cowhide rug?

Yes you can use this product to just clean a small specific area of a hide as a spot cleaner. You do not need to clean the whole cowhide. For example if an animal pee’s on your rug, just clean the area directly over and about 20cm out past the pee area.

Will it remove stains like animal urine stains?

Cleaning the cowhide properly will always make it look and smell better. But this product does not contain bleach so we can’t promise that a stain like urine will be removed because we don’t know how long the stain has had to set. But it sure will improve the smell and help to prevent the animal repeating the accident.

What are the ingredients in the cowhide cleaner?

We have listed the main ingredients on the cleaner ingredients page.

Is this safe for my family? I have children who play on the rug.

This is a non-toxic cleaning product when used correctly. Like all cleaners, do not drink it or get it in your eyes. If you put chilli or lemon juice in your eye it would hurt right? People are so worried about their babies coming into contact with this product when used on a cowhide rug (we get a lot of inquiries). It is as safe as the dish washing detergent you use to wash their bottle or the shampoo you use to wash their hair.

Will this kill mould? My cowhide has become mouldy while in storage.

Clean the cowhide rug outside so that you do not distribute the mould spores throughout your house. This product will kill mould and inhibit any mould re-growth. It will also smell so much fresher. Please note, stains from mould on the back of the leather may not be able to be removed, as this is not a stain removing product. At least you know the mould is taken care of, and it is safe to put the cowhide rug back into your home.

How much does the cowhide cleaner cost?

The price depends on your local currency and freight depends on where you live in the world. Go to the cowhide cleaner product page on our e-commerce website to see the price and put the cleaning product into the shopping cart and select your country to see your freight options.

How many cowhide rugs can I clean with one bottle of cowhide cleaner?

It is hard to say. It probably depends on how dirty the hide is and how many applications you use. One bottle should be enough to clean at least four to eight individual cowhides or one cowhide many times.

Is the cowhide cleaner a concentrate or pre-mixed?

Our cowhide cleaner product has already been pre-mixed to the perfect dilution so all you need to do is spray it on, rub & then wipe it off with fresh water. This is not a concentrate.

Do I need to brush or vacuum the cowhide before I clean it?

We do recommend that you give your cowhide rug a good brush with a stiff plastic bristle brush and then a vacuum or shake outside before cleaning. This helps to remove any dirt and grit trapped under the hair on the surface of the leather. This grit can greatly increase the wear and tear on your rug grinding away at the hairs. Then the cowhide cleaner will remove any remaining fine dirt and dust that costs the hair.

What spills have you tested this cowhide cleaner on so far?

We have tested a lot of common food spills like chocolate, jam, peanut butter, milk, butter, oil, soy sauce, Asian barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, red wine, orange juice, coffee and tea. We have also tested fresh urine and old dried animal pee and cat food (simulating a cat throw-up). We will update this list as we test more spills.

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