How to clean a cowhide rug – Instructions

Cowhide rug care – Has your dog pee’d on your rug or did the cat throw up? Did that party get out of control?

Follow Our 3 Step Guide to Cleaning your cowhide rug or animal skin

Step 1

For common spills or accidents like red wine, coffee, tea, juice, food, soup, cat or dog urine, faeces and vomit – soak up liquids or wipe up spills with a paper towel or sponge as soon as possible.

Remove any solid matter (like dog/cat/child vomit or excrement) with the blunt edge of knife or spatula by scraping gently in the direction of the hair.

Try not to push nasty solid accidents deeper into the leather because this makes it more difficult to clean.

The Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaner is antibacterial and will prevent nasty smells from re-occurring by killing the bacteria.

Step 2

Our Gorgeous Creatures cleaning product is like a shampoo for cowhides and animal skins.

Lightly spray your cowhide rug with the Gorgeous Creatures pre-mixed cowhide cleaner, treating a small area at a time.

Finish one section completely before starting the next section.

Wipe the cowhide vigorously in any direction with a damp (but not dripping wet) clean cloth or sponge. Do not soak the leather or get the hide too unnecessarily wet.

Rinse the cloth or sponge in fresh water and wipe again to remove any residual cleaning solution. Repeat if necessary until clean and most of the cleaning product has been removed.

Step 3

Wipe the whole hide with a clean dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible.

Brush the hair into its natural direction using a plastic bristle brush like a scrubbing brush.

Dry the animal skin flat and very slowly away from direct heat and sun.

Do not be tempted to speed up the drying process with direct heat or sun as this will make the leather go hard and stiff.

Brush the hair again once dry to fluff it up.

A dehumidifier in the room can help to draw the dampness out of the leather slowly and provides a dry environment to aid leather drying.

Cleaning cowhide step 1
Cleaning cowhide step 2
Cleaning cowhide step 3

Our Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaner is NOT a stain remover, it does not contain bleach or chlorine, which is why it is so important to treat spills immediately. If possible don’t let spills sit on the cowhide surface and dry or soak into the leather. Mould stains may not be completely removed by this product but the mould spores will be killed and any new mould growth will be inhibited.

Worldwide shipping

Our Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaning product ships from New Zealand. We do not have stockists anywhere else. The simplest way to see the shipping costs and options is to add our cowhide cleaner product to the shopping cart and select your country.

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Easy-to-use Cleaner

Gorgeous Creatures was the first company in the world to work out how to care for a cowhide rugs. Now we have a cleaning product specifically designed for cow hair on hide cleaning. Try it and see the difference.

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Our ingredients are a unique blend of non-toxic cleaners and natural oils. We explain them all in plain English so that you know what's in this and that it is safe for your family.

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