Case Study 1

Cleaning a very old and dirty white cowhide rug with years of built up grime

Cowhide in a high traffic area

Many years ago we sold a white cowhide rug to a local bedding & home-wares shop. The rug was displayed on the floor near the front of the shop entrance. This shop receives heavy foot traffic with people bringing in road dirt and grime from the footpath on the soles of their shoes. The shop door is always open and a lot of dirt also blows inside from the atmosphere in the form of car exhaust fumes and construction dust.

They tried to clean the cowhide

Over the years I know they tried to clean the cowhide rug a few times, but with limited success. This wasn’t easy without a proper cleaning product that was purpose made for the job. They recently bought our Gorgeous Creatures Cowhide Cleaner product and gave it a try.

Amazing progress photos

I was totally blown away when they sent a progress photo half way through the cleaning process using the Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaner. This is an extreme example, and that cowhide rug was really desperate for a clean.

As you can see in the photo, the left side of the cowhide has come up looking great after a clean even while still wet (it will look even better once dry). And the right side shows the dark grey colour of the dirty hide.

The cowhide was cleaned in sections as per the cleaning product instructions. Apparently the rinse water was black for the first application, grey for the second and third application and was almost clear for the final rinse. Remember this was an extreme case – cowhides don’t normally need four cowhide cleaner applications.

What’s a normal cleaning regime?

A normal cowhide rug if properly maintained will only need one simple cleaning treatment and one thorough rinse every 3-6 months for a good general clean.

So if that isn’t proof that this cowhide cleaner works then I don’t know what is. The Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaner has been specially developed for this purpose and it does a great job. Give it a go! Buy now!

Case Study 2

Cleaning cat urine off a cowhide rug – old in-grained animal pee smells

An old incontinent cat

Gorgeous Creatures received a desperate call for help from Jill in Australia. She had a cowhide rug with a very bad cat pee problem!

“Hi Kirsty and the Gorgeous Creatures team, we have a beautiful zebra print cowhide we purchased in Queensland Australia many years ago.  We love it, it’s very special and still in great shape.  Sadly, our aging Rag-doll cat Mango has taken a bit of a shine to it, and she’s pee’d on it a few times.”

Commercial cleaning did not work

Jill had already tried a few cleaning techniques including a professional cleaner to rescue her beloved cowhide rug but nothing had worked long term, the terrible cat pee smell kept coming back stronger than ever.

“We had a local rug cleaner clean it professionally earlier in the year.  The smell persists, and it’s one of those annoying cases where the original spill is now not visibly obvious – you know it’s there because you can smell it, but you can’t see it.  To find the source of the offending odour, you have to pretend like a vacuum cleaner and get down on your hands and knees with nose to the rug and sniff all over it to find the spots where it still smells.”

Cowhide banned from the house

Jill even got to the point where she couldn’t have the cowhide rug in the house as the smell got worse and worse. Leather does absorb humidity and moisture over time and if bacteria from the cat pee accident remains, the bacteria continue to multiply and the smell becomes more noticeable.

“We have just moved and the cat pee smell seems more noticeable now (not sure how that works, but the smell is definitely stronger!).  We were going to have our regular guy clean it again, but since that wasn’t a resounding success last time, I did an online search for cleaning cowhide and found you, the Gorgeous Creatures!”

We sent Jill a bottle of our Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaning product and she gave it a go. We hadn’t been able to test the cowhide cleaner on a really old animal pee stain so she agreed to test it for us.

The results were outstanding!

“I’m happy to report that the zebra cowhide has been back in our living room for almost a week now, and we can detect no cat pee smell in it.  This is great news!  And it means we can continue to enjoy our zebra cowhide, hopefully for many years to come.  This was seriously in jeopardy, as when we first moved in late last year and placed the cowhide in the living room, the cat pee smell became overpowering – you could smell it the instant you came into the room (and could still be vaguely detected in the carpet after the cowhide had been removed).  A combination of airing out the cowhide, which we did for a few weeks, and using your product Cowhide Cleaner are jointly responsible we believe for getting rid of the cat pee smell which we feared was so ingrained into the cowhide as to never be removed.  Even when you try the “bloodhound test” (as I call it, where you get down on hands and knees and sniff repeatedly all over the cowhide), no cat pee smell can be detected. It’s a miracle!”

By airing the cowhide rug outside the cowhide was allowed to dry out. And UV sunlight also helps to kill bacteria and mould spores. But the cowhide cleaner penetrates into the leather fibres and kills the bacteria inside the leather layers below the leather surface. This is what makes the Gorgeous Creatures cowhide cleaner so special – this non-ionic cleaning product is safe to use on the leather and thoroughly cleans the hair.

How to prevent pee re-occurrence

Cleaning the cowhide rug properly also helps to prevent future animal pee accidents as the rug smells less like the animal’s toilet area. Many animals are creatures of habit and will toilet in the same place over and over, and some animals – especially male dogs or cats – also mark territory so once they can smell themselves or other animals they keep refreshing the smell!!! And any visiting animals will also add to the problem.

So if you have a cat or dog in your family AND a cowhide rug, you need this Gorgeous Creatures cow skin cleaning product in the cupboard BEFORE your animal pees on your rug because the sooner you can treat the urine the more likely it is that you can rescue your rug and continue to enjoy it for many more years.

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Gorgeous Creatures was the first company in the world to work out how to care for a cowhide rugs. Now we have a cleaning product specifically designed for cow hair on hide cleaning. Try it and see the difference.

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